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When completing this section, please make sure to include relevant details pertaining to the study and what is expected of participants. This information will be visible to the public.

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Terms and Conditions

Role of the MS Society in promoting studies that are looking for participants

Any researchers or clinician seeking support from the MS Society of Canada to assist with promoting a research study that requires participants, must submit a request through the MS Research Portal. The request is reviewed internally and a decision is communicated back to the researcher/clinician within the designated timeframe indicated in the e-mail notification. Once a request has been approved, staff may promote the study through the MS Research Portal and through other communications.

The MS Society will not be involved with the recruitment process beyond delivering information about the research study/trial seeking participants but will provide contact information for the study/trial coordinator responsible for recruitment of this study, on the Research Portal.

The MS Society of Canada will not promote recruitment for studies or trials that have not been approved by a recognized funding agency that has a formal committee review process.

Eligibility of Requests

The MS Society of Canada will not promote recruitment for research study/trials related to pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies, marketing research firms, consulting firms, or other for-profit enterprises. Only projects/trials related to publicly-funded academic institutions, research institutes, hospitals or community-based organizations that have been approved by a recognized funding agency with a peer review process are eligible to be posted on the MS Research Portal.

Any study posted on the MS Research Portal must be approved by the host institution’s Research Ethics Board (REB) and supported through an active grant from a recognized, publicly funded peer review funding agency. Documentation demonstrating REB approval and active grant funding for the specific study/trial is required for the application to be considered (this can be in the form of a grant agreement or signed letter on institutional letterhead including the title of the study and funding term). The study/trial must also be relevant to multiple sclerosis and be conducted in Canada.

If the research that is being proposed is published, please forward the PDF of the article to and a summary of the findings will be shared on the MS Society of Canada website as an MS Update.

Please inform the MS Society when recruitment for this project or trial has closed so that the information can be removed.