Study Title: What are the barriers to accessing professional oral health care for people who have been diagnosed with MS?
Study Description: Researchers are studying the MS population in Atlantic Canada to determine specific barriers for these individuals when accessing professional oral health care. This is a non-experimental descriptive study. Participants will be asked to complete an online survey. Estimated 10-15 minute time commitment to complete the survey, depending on how much detail they supply. Data to be recorded includes gender, age range, symptoms, home oral care practices and barriers to professional oral health care.

At the end of the survey respondents will be invited to participate in a telephone interview to discuss the topic in greater depth. This component of the study uses a qualitative, phenomenological research approach. The semi-structured phone interview will be approximately 30-45 minutes, with only the researchers being in a private setting, and will be audio recorded. Researchers may also take notes. The information gathered will be used to find ways dental health care professionals/ hygienists can improve appointments and access to people with MS
Recruitment Dates: 2019-01-23 to 2019-02-06
Who can participate: You may participate in this study if you are from Atlantic Canada, have been diagnosed with MS and have some or all of your natural teeth or wear dentures. 
Location of Trial: Atlantic Canada
Contact Information: Jennifer Berkvens
Trial Funding: Faculty of Dentistry Research Activity Support Fund