Study Title: CircaPain
Rationale: Understanding the circadian control of chronic pain through a national cross-sectional study
Study Description: The purpose of pain is to protect us and warn us from danger. Chronic pain does not serve this purpose – it can be extraordinarily disabling and have a profound impact on one’s quality of life. However, not everyone experiences chronic pain the same way: some people have constant pain, whereas others have pain that fluctuates throughout the day. With the CircaPain study, we are trying to understand why these differences occur so that in the future, pain can be managed more effectively.

The CircaPain study is completed entirely online and has two main parts:
(i) A baseline survey which takes 15-20 minutes and gathers information on participant demographics, geographic location, sleep habits, and pain experiences.
(ii) A symptom diary which takes 1 minute per entry, where participants rate the intensity of their pain, mood, and fatigue at three times per day (morning, afternoon, night), over seven days. The link to complete this diary will be sent to participants automatically by either text or email.

The CircaPain study is open to Canadians living with any type of chronic pain. To participate, go to

Video for CircaPain study
Recruitment Dates: 2021-11-30 to 2023-12-30
Who can participate: All Canadian adults (18+ years) who have lived with persistent pain for more than 3 months.
Trial Institution: Queen's University
Trial Investigator Nader Ghasemlou
Trial Funding CIHR-SPOR Chronic Pain Network
Contact Information: Hailey Gowdy