Study Title: Determining limiting factors in the public use of the natural areas for people with mobility impairments through a survey
Rationale: data survey
Study Description: There is increasing interest in the benefits of nature in society; several studies have revealed the importance of nature for health improvement. There are a limited number of studies about barriers and facilities for some specific population groups, such as people with mobility disabilities. This study aims to provide information about visitation frequency, accessibility difficulties and knowledge of National Parks by the mobility impaired population. Data will be gathered through a survey of people with mobility impairments. The research is focused on three general sections.

Section 1 will gather demographic data to provide information about the distribution of mobility impaired people in terms of age, origin, gender and orthopaedic assistance needs. Section 2 will gather information on the use of National Parks by the mobility impaired population. Factors such as visitation frequency, preferences and barriers or difficulties with the landscapes will be the focus of this section. Finally, Section 3 will gather information on general knowledge about National Parks among the mobility impaired population.

The survey will be administered in North America and Spain. Being an online survey, it will be undertaken in accordance with the personal data protected and digital right guarantee laws (Canada, Act 2015 and Spain, Law 3/2018). In order to maintain the participants’ anonymity and work with the survey results we will supply a numeric code with each survey, with which we will do the following statistical analysis. The numeric code should be answered in question 0, before beginning the survey. It includes the first surname letter (in capital letter) and birth year. In analyzing the survey data, we intend to establish limiting factors for indicators that will assist with the composition of a “walkability” model measure intrinsic accessibility value of National Parks focusing on the mobility impaired population.
Recruitment Dates: 2021-02-19 to 2021-04-30
Who can participate: Eligibility: To be eligible to participate in the study, you must be at least one of the following options: 1. A person with reduced mobility 2. Participate as a volunteer or work for an organization (e.g. rehabilitation center or hospital, wheelchair associations) that assists people with reduced mobility.
Location of Trial: Faculty of Forestry (UBC)
Trial Investigator Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Professor, Faculty of Forestry Lorien Nesbitt, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Forestry Maria José Aguilar Carrasco, PhD visiting student, Faculty of Forestry
Contact Information: maria jose aguilar carrasco