Study Title: MEsenchymal Stem cell therapy for CAnadian MS patients - MESCAMS
Study Description: The Ottawa and Winnipeg sites will each enroll up to 20 persons with MS. MESCAMS is a part of a multi-national clinical trial which will involve at least 160 persons with MS in 9 countries, including Canada.

Each study participant will receive intravenous treatment of their own bone marrow extracted mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) either at the start of the study or at 24 weeks. Those who do not receive MSC will instead receive a placebo (mock) solution. Comparing those that receive MSC versus placebo will distinguish the actual effects of the stem cells. Unlike previous studies involving transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells to re-boot the immune system, there is no requirement for chemotherapy in MESCAMS. There is also no concerns regarding rejection of the cells as they are harvested from the individuals receiving the treatment (i.e. they are autologous stem cells). The trial began in early 2015 and is expected to complete recruitment by mid 2018.
Recruitment Dates: The Ottawa site has completed recruitment and is not accepting participants. The Winnipeg site is still seeking eligible participants from across Canada.
Who can participate: 18 – 50 years old, both male and female
Location of Trial: Ottawa and Winnipeg
Contact Information: Catherine Hilliker, (Ottawa)
Barb Stanger, or (Winnipeg)
Trial Funding: MS Society of Canada, Research Manitoba, A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.