Smart Clothing Visions


Study Title: Smart Clothing Visions
Rationale: Discovering people with disabilities’ future visions for adaptive clothing
Study Description: The purpose of this study is to better understand how smart adaptive clothing and e-textiles can offer smart solutions to people with disabilities (PWD) to the challenges they face in independent living and health monitoring. PWD benefit when they are able to independently complete their activities of daily living and closely monitor their own health. The clothing that they wear can greatly contribute to independence and control of their environment. Smart clothing has the potential to help in two significant ways: 1) through increasing independence in dressing and 2) through improving PWD’s ability to monitor their own health.

In this study you will participate in a 2 hour online workshop imagining the future of smart clothing for accessibility. Through further understanding the needs and visions for the future of smart clothing, this research will inform human computer interaction researchers about what is possible for PWD and what is needed to support their independence. With a clear vision for what type of adaptive clothing is needed a design for what type of adaptive clothing is possible this can lead to future innovative solutions for independence for PWD
Recruitment Dates: 2021-10-26 to 2021-12-31
Who can participate: To participate in this study you must:
1) Have difficulty getting dressed
2)Be comfortable using computers to access the internet
3) Be at least 18 years old
4) Be comfortable in the English language
Trial Institution: Carleton University
Trial Investigator: Sarah Moore
Lee Jones
Audrey Girouard
Contact Information: Sarah Moore
Trial Funding: NSERC